So, what’s this Website all about?
On our Desktop PC's we use multiple shortcuts and bookmarks on a daily basis and while that is fine in itself, it causes an enormous amount of clutter on both our browser bookmark bars and precious desktop landscape space. It also has the drawback of not having them readily available on remote machines when away from our base.
So, we decided to develop a lightweight website with relatively clean lines that would act as our browser homepage, shortcut and bookmarks container.
Something that would be, both practical and functional for our everyday computing needs.
It contains Approx 235 regularly used links not including the many constantly changing news feed links. We deployed the use of drop-down menus to contain the shortcuts within each relevant category in order to minimize the clutter.
As it was going to be our browser homepage we decided to mimic the Google homepage somewhat. We also populated it with some auto-updating news widgets in order to keep it informative and less bland. The inclusion of the familiar Google search box was in part, to maintain the Google homepage theme, while also making it easy to search directly from the page. Now no matter what machine or what location we are at, all our familiar shortcuts are readily available to us.
It is of course designed primarily for desktops and in the main for personal use in Ireland and particularly Galway but could be edited with minimal effort to cater for individual needs in any location.